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Spa experience

Locally sourced, all natural products

We create a farm to massage table experience by sourcing fresh local products to enhance our treatments.


Upon arrival each guest is invited to select a scent to complement the intention of their treatment. 

*The massage products we use are unscented.

Spa menu

Pure Radiant Signature Therapeutic Massage

Combination of Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish, Salability hot stones to customize a unique therapeutic healing experience. Aroma therapy, hot towels and a warmed table allows you to slip into a peaceful rejuvenation. Help relieve tension, alleviating muscle soreness, improving circulation and overall energy. 

60 minutes - $85.00   |  75 minutes -$105.00 |  90 minutes - $125.00    |  120 minutes-$170.00

Pure Radiant Signature Therapeutic Massage with Salt Scrub on Back and Feet

Combines our Pure Radiant Signature massage with a Himalayan salt scrub on your back and feet. Salt scrubs have anti-bacterial qualities. It's helpful for maintaining bacteria-free skin and preventing itchiness. The same abrasive friction between salt and skin which causes exfoliation, also encourages the circulation of blood. Salt scrub removes dead skin, unclogs pores and reveals soft skin beneath. 

75 minutes - $115.00 |   90 minutes - $135.00

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan salt stones become the extension of healing hands to provide radiant heat deep into sore and tired muscles, relaxing them from the inside out. From an ancient sea deep beneath the Himalayan mountains, these salt stones emit negative ions to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field. This ritualistic treatment alkalizes and gently exfoliates the skin, replenishes your body with 84 different minerals, helps improve circulation and lowers blood pressure, boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps, addresses insomnia, supports your sinuses and a healthy respiratory system. Melt away an accumulation of stress, anxiety, tension and pollutants while bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.

60 minutes - $85.00    |  75 minutes - $105.00|   90 minutes - $125.00  |  120 minutes $170.00

Pure Radiant Cellulite Cupping Wrap

Start off with warmed oil massaged into your skin followed by Prossage to add heat as the cups move. Glass cups are slowly used up your legs, back, neck and down your arms. Cups are used up your legs, down your arms finishing with stomach. While wrapped into a warm cocoon for 20 minutes you receive a relaxing scalp and foot massage. Benefits include: lymph drainage, increase circulation, loosen adhesions, drains and moves fluids, decrease inflammation.  

 120 minutes $185.00


MediCupping bodywork is not an irritant to the skin or body. It draws the inflammation out, but does not add to it. Medicating is also used to lift and stretch soft tissue (muscle, fascia/connective, attachments), Separate fused tissue layers (ITB and TFL), release and soften scar tissue, open body drainage systems to aid in decongesting "Solid bloat" and increase hydration of tissues. Bones also respond well to treatment. The effect on the nervous system is sedating and is used for anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, chronic headache and high blood pressure. Pain relief is quick and long-term injuries and restrictions can release in 1 to several treatments. MediCupping breakdown stagnation and adhesions assist in contouring the body and improving the appearance of cellulite. 

30 minutes- $45.00 |  45 minutes  $65.00 |  60 minutes - $85.00

Pure Radiant Signature Massage & MediCupping

Combines our signature massage and Cupping allowing you to experience the best of both. Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues.Benefits include: Stretch muscle and connective tissue, clears stagnation, drains and moves fluid and expels congestion.   

 90 minutes - $13500  |  120 minutes $180.00